A Codex To My Stories

What I write about and who I am in a nice concise place

Cassandra C. Stirling
2 min readNov 14, 2021
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What Do I Write?

A quick link to the lists of the different stories I write:

Writing Explorations

Writing Tips

Book Reviews

My Novel Writing Journey

Top Articles in the Past Six Months

What Does the Legal Argument Method Have to Do with Nonfiction Writing?

How to Conclude Your Nonfiction Chapter or Story

How to Write Great Nonfiction Books

Quick Writing Tip: When to Use That, Which or Who

Writers are Obsessed with the Rules of Writing

The Growth Mindset for Writers

My Book: Assundries & Discoveries

Why I Wrote My Debut Novel

What Is The Deep Space Between?

Why One of My Characters is Named Aunt T

The Music Threads in the Tapestry of My Life

Who am I?

I’m an author, Developmental Editor and Writing Coach. My entire career revolves around language. I’ve worked in the fields of…



Cassandra C. Stirling

Writer, editor, writing coach, and videogamer. I write about writing, books, and occasionally videogames.