A Good Variety and Eclectic Mix

Cassandra C. Stirling
2 min readJan 19, 2023

The stories selected for The Urban Fantasy Anthology is a good selection, although some are too gritty

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This book features short stories in the mythic fiction, paranormal romance, and noir fantasy subgenres for urban fantasy. Each subgenre has an introduction to the subgenre and how it came to be. The stories are interesting, if a bit dark, but feature well-knwon authors, such as Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Kelley Armstrong, Carrie Vaughn, Patricka Briggs, and Holly Black, among others.

This is the second anthology I’ve read and I’m not sure why I don’t read more of them. I enjoyed most of the stories in this anthology, although I found some of the noir fantasy to be too dark for me. I only skipped a few of them, even when some of them creeped me out.

What I liked & liked less

I read and enjoyed all of the stories in the Mythic Fiction section. I did it interesting that the Neil Gaiman story felt more of a week in his life than a mythical story, which was a bit disappointing.

The Paranormal Romance section was less happy ever after than I expected. In fact, many of them ended quite dark for that subgenre. I’d expected much more dark sexy men and got zombies, haunted houses in the guise of something darker, etc. I’m glad I read these variations of paranormal romance…



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